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Environmental Monitoring Solution Sorna

  • Environmental parameters extraction, including temperature and humidity, using ambient sensors in points of interest
  • Gathered data transmission from gateway to central server in various communication platforms.
  • Generating chart and graph based reports and local and global alarm transmission through the central software and gateway.
Environmental Monitoring Solution Sorna
Sorna environmental monitoring solution has been developed and presented to control and monitor environmental parameters for sensitive environments like server room, food and drug stores. This solution is based on Kavoshcom IoT platform and consists of three parts, including sensors, gateway, and central software. The environmental parameters are detected by sensors and transmitted to the central software through gateway after pre-processing. The gathered information is processed and presented to the user in various types of reports. 
GSP Requirements Compatibility
With providing thermal map and ambient sensors, it is possible to monitor the environment thoroughly and accessing to GSP requirements with necessary action plans.
Warehouse Management Cost Reduction
Using Sorna environmental monitoring solution, it is possible to manage all of the warehouses instantly in an integrated platform. This would cause human resource cost reduction for warehouse management. 
Goods Preservation Quality Increase
With Sorna environmental monitoring solution alarm system activation, it is possible to be aware of occurred events in the warehouse locally and globally, and make the proper actions to keep the preservation status.
Business Scalability Infrastructure
Using Sorna environmental monitoring solution, all warehouses can be managed by the central office. Therefore, business expansion plans can be done faster and with lower costs.
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Sorna Environmental Monitoring Solution Components

Kavoshcom Asia R&D group has commercialized 4 generations of products in this field and it has been utilized in more than 50 organizations in the country. The main effort in Kavoshcom group was to increase the quality and features of its products; which has caused the last generation of the device some unique features, including simultaneous connection to 4 ambient sensors and multiple platform connectivity support.
Environmental Monitoring Solution Sorna
Environmental Monitoring Solution Sorna
Sorna environmental monitoring software is also developed based on Kavoshcom IoT platform. This software has been used by more than 50 organizations, used for sensitive environments monitoring, including goods warehouses and server rooms. Sorna features include user and device management, chart and graph based reports, and alarm definition and management per sensor in different platforms.
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