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Fleet Management Solution Hermes

  • Vehicle and driver position, functional, and behavioral data extraction using GPS tracker
  • Fleet information aggregation, process, and storage, including travelled path, performance, and quality of operation
  • Various report generation, in three detailed, aggregated, and statistical levels, and instant alarm generation and transmission
Fleet Management Solution Hermes
Fleet management solution is a reliable tool for direct and real time monitoring of vehicle’s operations. Using this solution, the position of all subsidiary vehicles for every group of vehicles is monitored, and fleet distribution pattern, operational information, such as stationary position and duration, speed, and mileage is extractable by authenticated users. 
In fleet management solution, GPS tracker is installed on the vehicle, and position, operational, and installed accessories data is extracted and transferred to the central server. The gathered data is processed in central server and vehicle’s comprehensive information is presented to the user. In addition to position-related data and information, various sensors, such as temperature, humidity, door, and ECU data can be integrated and analyzed in Hermes solution. Moreover, functional and statistical reports can also be generated in Hermes fleet management solution. Design, development and production of hardware and software is completely done by Kavoshcom experts, which makes it easier to customize the solution with customer’s needs.
Operation Optimization
Multiple facilities are implemented in Hermes fleet management solution to avoid different types of organization fleet abuse. Controlling start and end hours of operation, Geo Fencing, and driver behavior are among the mentioned facilities.
Driver Behavior Improvement
International surveys have shown a considerable percentage of the drivers would improve their driving behavior just by being aware to be monitored. Moreover, maximum speed and allowed stopping points can be defined for each vehicle in order improve drivers’ behavior and decrease possible enforced costs, such as car accidents and fines.
Vehicle and Contents Health Assurance
One of the features in Hermes fleet management solution is to monitor the maintenance conditions of vehicles contents, using various accessories. It is also possible to manage fleet preventative maintenance to optimize the logistic operational cost.
Fuel Consumption Saving
Monitoring fleet travelled paths would prevent unnecessary trips. Considering fuel consumption reduction by each vehicle, total operational expenses would decrease extensively during a period of time.
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Hermes Fleet Management Solution Components

Kavoshcom Asia R&D Group has commercialized 8 generations of products so far and has deployed these products in more than 40 thousands of vehicles in 250 fleets in the whole country. This valuable experience has helped the company to increase the quality of products and services significantly, and remain one of the pioneers in the industry. During the evolution process, Kavoshcom products have changed from a simple tracker to a central monitoring core in vehicle, being able to integrate with various sensors for fleet operations optimization. This has caused a variety of possible services to be used by the fleet owners in an integrated platform.
Fleet Management Solution Hermes
Fleet Management Solution Hermes
Hermes software is the main advantage in Kavoshcom Asia R&D Group fleet management solution. This software has been developed based on Kavoshcom IoT platform, and has been used in more than 400 fleets so far. Fleet management software has a completely modular architecture, which has been caused high reliability and scalability of this software. Hermes fleet management can be used in small, medium, and large organizations, and each organization type can use different modules of the software according to its requirements.
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