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Mobile Network Monitoring Solution

  • End-to-End QoE survey via various definable tests remotely, using modems
  • Mobile network operators real time coverage map, service quality and network parameters measurement, using KCNET mobile application
  • Secure and online communication with monitoring software and central server for probe devices and KCNET mobile applications with online reports and network analysis features.
Mobile Network Monitoring Solution
Effective management and appropriate development of network by operators need optimal methods for network monitoring. Thus, wide range of reviewing and network monitoring are necessary for organizations’ observers. Kavoshcom Asia R&D Group “Mobile Network Monitoring” solution includes different types of remote probe devices, web and mobile application, and data analysis, providing permanent network monitoring for network operators and regulatory organizations.
Mobile Network Optimization
Mobile network monitoring is an economic and comprehensive solution, helping optimization vendors and mobile network operators to find and resolve the problems.
Operational Costs Reduction
Comparing to old fashion methods, Kavoshcom mobile network monitoring solution is a more effective solution in reduce MNO operational costs. 
Out of Access Points Monitoring
Using mobile network monitoring solution would facilitate rural, border and inaccessible areas monitoring.
Mobile Network Operators Comparison
Coverage, quality of service, and functionality of MNOs and MVNOs can be compared region-based by Kavoshcom mobile network monitoring solution.
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Network Monitoring Web-based Software

Remote Probe
Remote probes, with possible installation on fixed and portable points, provides the possibility to measure mobile network parameters and the quality of different services in all technologies (2G, 3G, and 4G) from the consumer point of view. Furthermore, it is possible to configure the device and define all types of tests for each device remotely through the web-based software. This device can use 4 different SIM cards for network monitoring.

Network Monitoring Web-based Software
Network Monitoring web-based software is developed to manage and control probe devices remotely. Defining different types of tests, allocating a test to a single or a group of devices based on a desired timing, status monitoring, and report extraction from the devices are the functionalities of this software.
Mobile Network Monitoring Solution
Mobile Network Monitoring Solution
Network Monitoring Mobile Application
Network monitoring mobile application provides network and quality of various services, such as speed, latency, file download in different protocols, call, and operator coverage status, monitoring access on user’s mobile phone.

Data Analysis
The transmitted data from the probes are instantly processed in KCMON software and analytical information are presented to the user in different formats, including statistical dashboards and detailed charts.
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