Kavoshcom Asia R&D Group

Data Access Solution

  • High speed data access using various types of LTE modem
  • Modem management with various protocols, including SNMP, TR069, and other customized protocols
  • Security enhancement, using encryption, virtual networks, and firewall
Data Access Solution
With the exponential growth of data rate in 4G technology, and 5G in near future, users’ demand for high data rate and LTE modems deployment have been also increased, respectively. 
Consisiting of various types of LTE modems and web-based monitoring software, Kavoshcom Asia R&D Group “Data Access Solution” provides a stable high quality service in different environments. Moreover, this solution would provide secure modem-sever communication, online reports and users’ data usage analysis for defined stakeholders.
Kavoshcom group data access solution is fully customizable in all layers, including hardware, firmware, and software, based on customer’s needs.
Device Management
Device management, upgrade, and report extraction is totally implemented in Kavoshcom group’s data access solution.
User Security Warrantee
Users will be secured with encrypted communication in Kavoshcom data access solution.
Latest Technology
Latest standards, technologies, and techniques are utilized in Kavoshcom data access solution hardware and software.
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Data Access Solution Components

LTE Modem
Kavoshcom various LTE modems provide internet access with different technology, speed, and features for users. Cable or wireless connectivity with authentication priority is also provided for users by these devices.
Data Access Solution
Data Access Solution
Monitoring Web Based Software
Device management, upgrade, and report extraction is totally implemented in Kavoshcom monitoring web based software.
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