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Mobile Network Coverage Optimization Solution

  • Mobile Network Coverage Using Active DAS
  • Mobile Network Coverage Using Repeater
Mobile Network Coverage Optimization Solution
With increasing network traffic, operators forced to increase number of the stations, and so decrease the power level and antenna height of existing stations. In this situation, the base station signal penetration in indoor location will degrade. Using microBTS, Small Cell, Active DAS and Repeaters in the locations like as Factories, Tunnels, Undergrounds are economical and practical solutions.
Network coverage optimization:
By using repeaters Indoor & Outdoor coverage in dead zones will be provided easily.
Saving time and money
By using repeaters the operators will save time and money in comparison with installation of a new station.
Central control and monitoring
The repeater functional parameters can be monitored and controlled remotely, using NMS.
Multiple technology simultaneous amplifying
By using digital repeaters, it is possible to amplify multiple technologies in one band.
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Kavoshcom Asia R&D Group is able to provide the following services in mobile network optimization solution:

  • Free of charge site survey
  • Problem diagnose, using professional test equipment
  • Efficient and economic design by expert engineering team
  • High quality and appropriate equipment procurement
  • Accomplishing turn key projects
Mobile Network Coverage Optimization Solution
Mobile Network Coverage Optimization Solution
Project Samples

More than 500 projects including design, equipment procurement, installation, and commissioning have been done by Kavoshcom Asia R&D Group in the last 31 years.
Tehran tower (54 floors), Khuzestan steel complex, Sarcheshmeh copper mine, Tehran traffic control center, Mamlu dam, Dashtestan cement, IRIB, Tejarat bank central office, Metro tunnels, Dare-Hesar, Varish villages, and more than 30 shopping malls are just a number of accomplished projects in this field.
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