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Integrated Fleet Management Solution

Aras Commercial & Industrial Free Zone Organization

One of the legal necessities for vehicles with free zones’ plate number is to travel in the defined region. Monitoring the correct execution of this obligation has complexities in free zones with ground access to main land. Utilizing GPS trackers on these vehicles is known as the main solution for travel monitoring in free zones country wide. Kavoshcom Asia R&D Group has started its cooperation with Makou free zone organization from 2014, and has expanded its activity in this field to Aras free zone since 2016. The challenges, provided solution, and results of this project are described as following.

Integrated Fleet Management Solution
Integrated Fleet Management Solution


  • Utilized GPS tracker diversity and lack of centralized and uniform software platform

  • Ununiformed hardware and software quality of service by vendors

  • Differentiation between the quality of procured GPS trackers


  • Developing a uniform fleet management software with integrated protocol for all existing GPS tracker types

  • Implementing organization software requirements in order to provide degree of freedom in service operations

  • Procurement of Kavoshcom Asia R&D Group with certified quality and competitive pricing

Integrated Fleet Management Solution

Project Results:

Integration of more than 8,000 GPS tracker devices with 5 different types in a single software platform

Production and after sales service for more than 1,500 GPS trackers annually

Monitoring more than 11,000 free zone plate numbered vehicles for more than 4 years

Report generation for all corresponding organizations and units

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