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Customized Fleet Management Software

Iran Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization

One of the main missions of Iran road maintenance & transportation organization, as one of the most operational subsidiary organizations of Iran ministry of road & urban development, is preserving and keeping all country roads transportation active. To reach this goal, more than 10,000 vehicles are provided for this organization. Iran road maintenance & transportation organization has used GPS trackers and fleet management software for monitoring and maintaining this big fleet in the past years. Kavoshcom Asia R&D Group has started cooperation with Iran road maintenance & transportation organization since 2019, focusing on developing a customized fleet management software. Since the beginning of this cooperation, Kavoshcom group has integrated its software with other operational softwares in the organization in addition to providing the main requirements.

Customized Fleet Management Software
Customized Fleet Management Software


  • Utilized GPS tracker diversity with more than 8 different commercial brands

  • Isolation of existing fleet management software with regards to other operational softwares

  • Organizational requirements and demands


  • Existing GPS tracker types integration in the software platform

  • Implementing platform communication with other organizational software, such as CMMS and Map system

  • Implementing organization executive process in the software, such as mission and winter camp

  • Mobile application development for different layers of users, including operational agents and managers

  • Implementing the infrastructure for vendors procured hardware and service quality dynamic assessment

  • Design and development of various detailed, analytical, and statistical reports, based on stakeholders’ requirements

Customized Fleet Management Software

Project Results:

Integrated management of more than 10,000 vehicles in the proposed fleet management software

Uniform quality of service assessment for more than 20 hardware vendors

CMMS integration and error correction

Development and implementation of more than 20 operational reports

Process integration and paper-based forms elimination with the proposed software in the organization

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